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BBB Denver Torch Award Finalist

by | Oct 4, 2019 | Project Elovation

What is the Torch Award?

According to the Better Business Bureau’s website,

“The Torch Award is the most prestigious honor the BBB can present to a business. Being a recipient indicates that the business not only believes in the high standards promoted by the BBB, but also consistently acts on them and continuously integrates them into daily practices.”

In order to be considered for this prestigious award, an organization must be nominated by someone in the community. We were fortunate enough to be nominated by one of our clients.


What Sets Us Apart

Elo Roofing has been built on a foundation of ethics and integrity. Our mission is to be the driving force that sets a new standard within the construction industry. We provide innovative solutions to everyday problems, are partners of our communities, and make customer service the most important thing we do every day. Together, we are Elo Roofing.


Unique Beginnings

When we all first met and decided to go into business together, we all started sharing stories about our experiences and what we would do to change the world. One common theme was the amount of people we saw taken advantage of by “bad contractors” over the years. We wanted to be the pioneers of change in our industry.


Red Carpet Experience

The customer service line in our mission statement is really what has become the motto for our company. From the inception of our mission statement we began using the term “Red Carpet Experience.” We wanted a term that typically does not require explanation. Each one of us as customers seeks out the red carpet experience or special treatment. We felt like that was something sorely missing in our industry, so we set out to give that special treatment feeling to our customers; all while we replace the top of their house.

Each customer is assigned a customer service rep to assist them along the way. Throughout the process they will receive a series of calls, emails, and short videos to ease them along the way. At completion, we complete a QC inspection to make sure we have exceeded expectations before we collect final payment. This inspection report is given to the homeowner for their records.

We are proud of the company we have built together through our combined experience of over 50 years. Each of us has a different background, which includes banking, military training, and construction. All of these life experiences have come together to make a well-rounded, well-run company.


We’re a Finalist!

We are proud to announce that the BBB of Denver has chosen our company to be a finalist for the 2019 Torch Award for a medium-sized company. Representatives from our Denver and Jacksonville offices will be present for the dinner on October 17, 2019. We cannot wait to find out the outcome and will report to you here once we attend the dinner! Thank you to all of our staff in all of our locations for your continued hard work and dedication to our clients! We appreciate all that you do!


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