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Deciding on the perfect rooftop for your home can be difficult. There’s a wide array of designs, materials, and colors from which you can choose. You also need to consider your environment as well as the size of your roofing budget.

Today we’ll be looking at the gable rooftop and how it could benefit your home.

What Is A Gable Roofing System?

Gable roofs are characterized by two sloping sides that meet at the top of the roof to form a ridge. The gable roof has a distinct triangle that forms at the front and the back of the roofing system. This roofing system is a favorite among homeowners for several reasons, some of which we’ll unpack here.


When compared to more complex roofing systems, gable rooftops are highly affordable and easy to install. They also require minimal materials for construction which makes them a quick project with excellent results.

Water Drainage

Gable roofing systems are the preferred choice for homeowners in areas that experience high rain and snowfall. Their steep slopes allow for the adequate drainage of water and the shedding of significant snow loads. Efficiently draining all excess moisture lowers your roof’s chances of suffering from water damage and the troubles that excess water brings.

Increased Space

A gable roof provides ample attic space that is perfect for increasing your home’s living spaces and ventilation. High ceilings tend to make your home feel much more spacious, thanks to its open design.

Styles Options

There are several types of gable roofing designs, giving you the freedom to choose and design your home just the way you like. There are box gables, front gables, dutch gables, and cross-gable roofs.


Gable roofing systems can be built using just about any roofing material that you desire.


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