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The Winner of Elo Roofing’s Free Roof Giveaway

Michael Barry, the winner of Elo Roofing’s free roof giveaway, stands in front of his home.

Elo Roofing Gives Away Free Roof

On May 6th, Elo Roofing announced on River City Live that their charitable division, Project Elovation, was going to give away a free roof to one winner who posted a video on Elo’s Facebook page and received the most “likes” and “loves” from members of the community.

Michael Barry, of St. Augustine, became the winner on May 31st after receiving quite a bit of attention from the surrounding community.

About the Winner

Mr. Barry moved into his father’s old home and explains that he’s “been here for four years and [the roof] has been leaking for four years”. He has been unable to get insurance, so over the last four years he has been forced to keep a pot in his kitchen under the leak to catch any water whenever it rains. He has been living in a home where he fears the roof will fall in on him at any moment, so he believes that winning this new roof has “rescued” him.

Mr. Barry is a published author who has written four books about America’s founding fathers. He holds degrees in psychology, philosophy, and business. He also has over 20 years experience in healthcare administration and has served as a consultant and counselor helping many members of the community.

Mr. Barry is an army veteran who served in the Korean War in the Army Signal Corps. He has always been eager to help those in need around him, and has helped numerous homeless residents of St. Augustine find assistance. A member of the community described Mr. Barry by saying:

“Something I have always known about him is that he is always willing to speak with anyone seeking help with life’s issues. To say, ‘his moral compass is strong’ is a severe understatement. Michael is really good at helping one see outside the box and look at the big picture. Major life problems seem minuscule and easy to understand and navigate after talking with this humble, brilliant and loving man.”

Upcoming Build Date and Future Nominations

Elo Roofing’s staff and roofing crew will be at Mr. Barry’s residence on July 19th to put on his new free roof. Everyone is very excited to help out this remarkable man so that he no longer needs to use a pot to collect water in his home whenever it rains.

If you know someone in need of a new roof, please submit a nomination to our Project Elovation review board by clicking here and filling out the Request an Inspection submission form.


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