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What are the Benefits of PVC Roofs for Jacksonville Commercial Properties?

What is a PVC Roof?

Thermoplastic polyvinyl chloride, more commonly referred to as PVC, is a single-ply membrane that is often applied to commercial roofs.  PVC is the third most widely made synthetic polymer, and, being a type of plastic, is an affordable and durable option for Jacksonville business owners and property managers.

How Do PVC Roofs Work?

PVC is a strong and stable material applied to flat roofs.  PVC roofing systems are made up of two layers with polyester added between them to serve as support.  Unlike other commercial roofing systems, PVC has heat-welded seams instead of tape, caulk, or other adhesives.

PVC roofing membrane

Advantages of PVC Roofs

PVC roof systems come packed with advantages for Jacksonville commercial buildings.


PVC, as a material, is known for its durability.  Combined with the heat-welded seam installation, it’s one of the most durable flat roof systems available.

Fire Resistance

As evidenced by their installation process, PVC roofing membranes can withstand very high heat and even flames.  This can help to protect your building in the event of a lightening strike or to keep your building safe in case of a fire.


Some people would be surprised to learn that a synthetic material like PVC is eco-friendly, but it’s true!  PVC roofing is recyclable and can be used to create new PVC products when the roof reaches the end of its lifespan.  This reduces landfill waste and makes PVC a more sustainable option than other roofing systems.

Wind Resistance

With the tropical storms and hurricanes that are common to Jacksonville, wind resistance is a major benefit for business owners and commercial property managers.  PVC roof systems offer excellent wind resistance making them ideal for the severe weather patterns in the area.

reliable PVC roofing company Jacksonville, FL

Energy Efficiency

PVC roofs have a high reflectivity index.  This means they reflect most of the sun’s heat.  They also have superb insulation values due to the thickness of the material.  This makes them ideal for the hot and humid Jacksonville climate where they will help keep cooling costs down in your building.

Low Maintenance

PVC roofs require very little maintenance.  Due to their durability, they require few repairs over the course of their life and general cleaning is enough to keep them in excellent condition.


For all the benefits they offer, PVC roofing systems are a very affordable option in Jacksonville.  PVC, in general, is an inexpensive material making the installation affordable on the front end.  The low-maintenance and repair needs of PVC roofs means that they’ll cost less in the long-run as well.

UV Resistance

Not only do PVC roofs reflect UV rays to keep the property cooler, they also resist UV damage and discoloration.  Other roofing materials may become discolored or brittle in the strong Jacksonville sun, but PVC can withstand this exposure for many years with no issues.

Water Resistance

PVC roofing systems are virtually waterproof.  The material combined with the unique installation mean that they can stand up to the strongest downpour and keep the building beneath them safe and dry.

Is a PVC roof the right choice for your Jacksonville commercial building?  Call Elo Roofing in Jacksonville to schedule your free estimate, today!


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