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Common Spring Roof Problems in Palm Coast

As springtime approaches, it is a perfect time to inspect the condition of your roof and make sure it is fully prepared to take on the weather and heat of the upcoming summer months. Just as we do regular maintenance on other areas of our home, we shouldn’t neglect the health of the roof. That roof has an important job of securing the content of the home and making sure all is safe and protected inside. What are some things to look out for, and to repair, in the springtime?


Check out the gutters to make sure they are holding up as they should. Here are some questions to ask as you inspect the gutter system.

  • Is there debris collecting in the gutters? Make sure to clean them out thoroughly.
  • Are the fasteners beginning to rust? This is an indication of future problems, as holes can begin to form from the rusted areas.
  • Is the gutter sagging? Perhaps the fasteners have broken off, or the weight of the debris is too heavy for the gutter.
  • Is the gutter pulling away from the home? A gutter can cause damage to the side of the roof if not addressed.
  • When it rains, does the water drip over the edge? If so, there is a buildup in the gutter which needs to be cleaned out.

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Loose or Missing Shingles

Inspect the surface of your roof, if you feel comfortable doing so. Do you notice loose or missing shingles? This can be caused by strong winds or just age. These areas need to be addressed before the summer months arrive. Make sure the loose shingles are secured in place and secure up the areas where the missing shingles are. Not following through on this can cause leaks or more damage in the future.

Poor Insulation

Insulation is incredibly important in keeping the home comfortable. If your home feels drafty or you notice areas of leakage, then make sure to have the insulation checked. Adding insulation will keep your home more comfortable and extra money in your wallet each month, as energy savings may occur. (Why Insulation can saves life?)


Do you notice any areas of discoloration on the ceilings of your attic? Perhaps areas where there was water and it seeped into the ceiling or walls? This is a serious concern as these are indications of water damage, which means there are more serious issues going on with your roof. Water damage can lead to mold, mildew, and rot. Make sure to have these areas addressed and sealed up before the summer storms approach.

If you notice any of these areas that need to be fixed, be sure to contact a local roofing contractor that is knowledgeable and skilled to repair the areas with skill and ease. Elo Roofing in Palm Coast is the company to contact to assist with any roofing problems. We guarantee the highest quality and level of workmanship with any project we begin. Friendliness and respect are a top priority at Elo Roofing and we strive for your complete satisfaction. Trust us to perform a thorough inspection of your roof this spring, and make sure it is ready for the upcoming storms and weather.


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