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Benefits of Hiring a Local Palm Coast Roofer

Why Should You Hire a Local Palm Coast Roofer?

Palm Coast may not be a hurricane hotbed like other places in Florida, but that doesn’t mean it’s immune to sever storm damage when hurricane season comes around.  Hurricane season in Florida lasts from June 1 to November 30 and with the first tropical disturbance of the year already making landfall it’s gearing up to be a big one.  And with big storm seasons come storm chasers looking to make a buck on your misfortune.  You don’t want to get stuck with Chuck in a Truck, though, so when storm season comes around it’s best to put your trust in a local Palm Coast roofing contractor.

Reasons to Hire a Local Palm Coast Roofing Expert

When hurricane season hits Florida, you can be sure that contractors from all over the country will hit right along with it.  While some of these contractors are reputable company’s trying to help out, a lot of them are scammers looking to make a quick buck off shoddy work before disappearing off into the sunset with your hard earned money.  And Palm Coast, being on the outskirts of the usual damage is a prime area for these scammers with everyone else flocking towards harder hit areas.  To avoid getting the wool pulled over your eyes, your best bet is to hire a local, trusted roofing contractor in Palm Coast for any roof repair or replacement needs you might have.

top rated Local Palm Coast Roofing Expert

Verifiable Reputation

Your local, Palm Coast roofing contractor will have an easily verifiable reputation, so you’ll know you’re getting a history of quality work without having to go searching too far for it.  To check your contractor’s reputation, take a look at a few different things:

  • Google Reviews
  • Facebook Reviews
  • Other Social Media
  • Family and Friend Referral
  • Chamber of Commerce Memberships

Familiarity with Climate

A working knowledge of the local climate is imperative for making appropriate roof repairs and even replacements.  Local weather patterns will impact:

  • Design of the Roof
  • Roof System
  • Material Types
  • Vents, Flashing, Gutters
  • Soffit and Fascia

Knowledge of Local Codes and Laws

Just like knowledge of the climate requires a local touch, so do local codes and laws.  When John Smith from Wisconsin packs up his truck to patch up a couple roofs in Florida, he has no idea what the local codes and laws are, and he has no real incentive to follow them because he’s planning to skate as soon as he’s done.  All that does is leave you with a roof that may or may not be to local building codes and a mess on your hands.  When you hire a Palm Coast roofing contractor you’ll have someone who is familiar with:

  • Local Building Codes
  • Local Laws
  • State Regulations
  • Insurance Regulations

This is especially important for insurance work because Florida laws and regulations regarding storm damage are very particular.

Palm Coast roofing experts

Sense of Community

At the end of the day, why wouldn’t you want to hire someone who is part of your community?  Local contractors have intimate knowledge of the area and all it’s intricacies beyond just climate and legal matters.  You want to hire a contractor who views themself as part of your community and as a neighbor, because those are the type of companies who will take the most pride in their work as a local business.


A final reason to hire local contractors for your roof in Palm Coast is the accessibility it grants.  When your contractor is local, that means they’re readily available to help with questions, concerns, or anything else.  It also means that they’ll be around to stand by any warranties they offer instead of running off never to be heard from again.

If you find yourself with storm damage or any other kind of roof damage to your home, don’t fall prey to the unscrupulous storm chasers that pass through like ships in the night – call ELO Roofing, your local and trusted Palm Coast roofing contractor.


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