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Bunnell Residents Love These 4 Colors for Their Roofs

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With spring nearly upon us, it’s an ideal moment to rejuvenate the exterior of your home! Whether driven by aesthetic desires or the need for storm damage repair, selecting the right color for your roof holds significant sway over your family home’s overall look. Given the permanence of this decision, careful consideration of all available options is of utmost importance for both your home’s appeal and your budget.

Color Trends for 2024

Mid- to Dark Gray

This year, roofing materials in the dark gray spectrum promise to deliver a touch of drama. This color palette will command attention within the neighborhood when combined with lighter siding. Opting for neutral tones ensures exceptional versatility, effortlessly complementing existing siding while standing the test of time, given the timeless appeal of gray.

popular roof colors, best roof colors, roof color trends


When seeking timeless elegance, the neutral color family is also a fail-safe choice. Whether opting for a beige tone or a slightly darker brown mix, tile roofing exude a sense of solidity, assurance, and tranquility in home design. Teamed with lighter siding and a striking darker trim, neutrals ensure a winning combination that never disappoints.


While initially seen in 2023, the trend of black asphalt shingles appears to be sticking around. Often coupled with pale siding, the ultra-drama of black shingles imparts a sense of sophistication and timelessness to the overall aesthetic.


Venturing slightly beyond the conventional, blue metal shingles inject a vibrant splash of color, elevating your home’s exterior appeal. Within the blue-gray spectrum, numerous variations have gained momentum in the past year and are anticipated to persist. Additionally, dark navy shingles have piqued the interest of those seeking to make a bold statement within the neighborhood cul-de-sac.

popular roof colors, best roof colors

Tips on Choosing the Right Shingle Color

Here are some tips to consider when making your final shingle color selection:

What is my budget? 

Establishing your budget early on is crucial to efficiently narrow your options when considering roofing materials. Roofs represent a significant investment, often accompanied by substantial costs. Therefore, it’s essential to avoid spending excessive time exploring materials that fall outside of your budget. By clarifying your financial parameters from the outset, you can streamline your search process and focus on viable options within your price range.

Would this work with my current siding, or would I need to replace that, too?

Unless you’re simultaneously replacing your siding, ensuring that your new roof harmonizes with your current siding is crucial. When selecting your new roof, it’s essential to consider how it will complement your existing siding. This ensures a cohesive and visually appealing exterior appearance for your home.

What is my desired exterior style when this project is complete?

Are you inclined towards a dramatic statement or prefer a more traditional look? Your choice of roof color can significantly influence the overall design of your home’s exterior, allowing you to solidify your desired aesthetic.

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