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How to Decide if Your Roof Needs Repaired or Replaced

Palm Coast locals know how extreme weather phenomena can cause great damage to their roofs. If you’re looking to protect your roof and home, you’ll need to be able to determine what’s best for your roof after storm damage, severe weather, or regular wear and tear. Will it take simple roof repairs to protect your home, or will a full roof replacement be necessary? Let’s look at the factors involved in each process to see which one is appropriate for your home.

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Roof Repair

Roofing Material

One factor that will determine whether you repair or replace your is the material that your roof is made from. Asphalt shingles are the most common, being both affordable and durable, having great curb appeal, and being easy to repair. Conversely, metal roofs are a more costly upfront investment, though they’re extremely durable and rarely need to be repaired.

Damage Amount

One of the first things your roofer will look at is how much of the roof is actually damaged. Roofs are measured in squares which are equal to 100 square feet. The size of the damage will play a big role in the ultimate cost of the roof repair due to the materials that will be needed, which are also sold in squares, and the time it will take to repair larger areas.

Damage Type

The type of damage to the roof can play an important role in the decision to repair or replace your roof. For example, shingle repairs are relatively fast and easy, so it might be less expensive to repair a larger area of damaged shingles than it would be to repair a much smaller area of more severe damage like a puncture in the roof.  The ability to access the damage can also impact the ability to repair the roof. If your roof damage requires specialized tools or equipment to access it, it will inevitably be more costly.

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Roof Replacement

Roof Condition

As soon as you notice large problems with your roof, or if you have a multitude of small problems, it may be time to consider roof replacement. Severe water leakage is one of the primary warning signs and it should not be taken lightly as it can damage ceilings and walls if not fixed accordingly. Roofs can be exposed to the most severe weather conditions, and water leakage may happen if a broken part of the roof has not been repaired right away.

Professional Opinion

If you’ve noticed your roof is leaking or seen visible cracks and have yet to take action, you will likely need to hire professionals to replace your roof and solve these problems. They will be able to identify the exact problem with your roof and take steps to replace your roof before the problem gets even worse and becomes even more expensive. You will benefit tremendously from taking advantage of the services that roof replacement contractors have to offer. If there is anything wrong with your roof at all, it is essential that you get it fixed immediately to avoid further problems. Professionals will replace your roof so you can rest confidently as many problems are resolved and this new roof maintains an excellent condition for as long as possible. Those who pay for a roof replacement also are spared the hassle of years of repair costs for multiple problems that might have gone unnoticed.


Regardless of how you choose to care for your roof, count on the roofing experts at Elo Roofing in Palm Coast to ensure the safety and stability of your roof. Call us today to see if roof repair or replacement will be right for protecting your valuable Palm Coast home.


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