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Taking Care Of Your Historic Roofing System

Living in a historic home or building has its perks. By living there, you instantly become a part of its history while learning about its history at the same time. You may find secrets hidden in nooks and crannies or even old forgotten furniture and timepieces.

There have been many cases where people have found ancient buried treasures hidden in walls, floorboards, and more. The architecture of historic homes and buildings is usually its standout feature. They provide homeowners and passersby with a window into a life long gone.

While living in these historic homes can be lovely, their upkeep can be pretty tricky, especially if you want to maintain the original architecture and interiors. Part of maintaining your historic home and keeping it in good shape is by making sure that your roofing system is functioning well.

Your roofing system can make or break the appearance of the exterior and the interior of your home. If your roofing system has deteriorated, it will automatically make your historic home look rundown. A deteriorated roofing system can also cause significant issues in your home, like leaking, a sagging roof, and more.

At Elo Roofing, our professional roofers work with the most dedicated precision and skill to provide you the highest quality roofing services in Jacksonville. We understand the importance of preserving the history of your historic home and therefore will only call your roofing project “a job well done” once you are 100% satisfied.

These are some of the ways that you can preserve the roof of your historic home:

Proper Maintenance

Maintaining the roof of your historic home is vital to its longevity. Make sure to remove any mold or mildew that may be eating away at your roofing materials. As beautiful and aesthetically pleasing as vines can be, they can be pretty detrimental to your roofing system. It is, therefore, essential that you regularly trim any vines growing on your roof.

Remove any build-up of dirt and debris. These things can add tremendous weight to your already fragile roofing system. Make sure that your gutter system is effectively removing water from your rooftop. The quickest way to damage any roofing system is by ignoring stagnant water.

Repair and Replace

If there are any holes in your roofing system, you must repair those as soon as possible. Holes cause significant leakage and can lead to interior damages. Holes are often a result of missing shingles, rot, or physical damages.

Suppose you find that shingles are missing; it’s essential to replace those as soon as possible. However, things might be a little tricky if you have a roofing material style that’s no longer being manufactured. Not to worry, many roofing materials like asphalt shingles or even metal can be designed in such a way to suit almost any roofing system.

Roof Replacements

Replacing the roofing system of your historical home may prove a little complicated. You don’t want to install an ultra-modern roofing material on a home that’s more than 100 years old.

You can replace your old roofing system with materials that can be easily manipulated to look like a historic roof without the run-down effect. Materials such as slate, cedar, metal, and asphalt are all roofing materials that can be styled according to the aesthetics of your home.

For more information on historical roofing systems and how best to take care of them, give Elo Roofing a call today!


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