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Many businesses, commercial buildings, and Elo Roofing warehouses have flat roofs. They’re particularly useful for creating extra outdoor space, giving you easy access to clean or repair them, and offer wind resistance.

A common myth is the flat roofs are not durable and cannot hold the weight of snow, but this is not true. Building codes require that flat roofs be able to carry enough weight to protect the structural integrity of the building.

However, what you will find is that flat roofs need a higher degree of maintenance. With that in mind, here are some of the best flat roof coating solutions to protect your roof from the elements and natural aging.

Why Apply a Coating?

Flat roof coating can ensure that your roof lasts another 10-15 years without needing to be replaced. It prevents leaks, is easy to apply, and gives you the longevity you need at a much lower cost than replacing the entire roof.

A reliable roof coating company like Elo Roofing can inspect your current roof and suggest the best coating for you. Which coating you need depends on the type of roof you have and whether your roof has a high amount of traffic. There are many different solutions you can choose from, so keep reading to see your options.

Types of Flat Roof Coating

There are several types of roof coatings that provide particular benefits to flat roofs. They include asphalt, acrylic, polyureas, and urethanes. Each has a different purpose, so while they all work, your needs will determine which type of flat roof coating you choose.


Asphalt coatings are mixed with a solvent that helps thin the asphalt, making application easy via spray nozzle or brush. Some asphalt coatings have added aluminum to aid in sun reflection. Other additives can increase the strength, thickness, or longevity of the coating.

Asphalt emulsions use water instead of a solvent to thin the mixture. The same additives can create additional strength, thickness, and longevity, and it’s applied the same way. The benefit of using water is that the solution doesn’t allow water to pool, which can aid in a non-slip surface that can accommodate heavy traffic.


Acrylic elastomers are highly reflective and usually installed on bituminous and non-bituminous roofing. This reflective surface aids in deflecting heat, keeping your building cooler and better insulated.

Acrylic is extremely durable. It has been used for decades for Elo Roofing purposes, and because of its easy application, it is more cost-effective and provides the best value.


Polyureas haven’t been used for as long as some of the other coatings on the market. Some polyureas are similar to polyurethane and others are closer to urethane. These types of coatings are continually being modified by manufacturers to make them even better.

Polyureas provide excellent abrasion resistance, structural enhancement, corrosion protection, waterproofing, and chemical resistance.


Urethanes are used commonly on concrete surfaces like driveways and parking garages. They can also be used on wood. They are used alone and not layered with other roofing products. Urethane coatings are perfect for high traffic areas because they are seamless, flexible, and durable.

Urethane coatings expand and contract with your roof, resist water pooling, and are more impact resistant than many other flat roof coatings.

How Flat Roof Coating is Applied

Flat roof coating contractors usually brush or spray your roof coating onto the surface. The length of the process depends on which kind of coating you choose and the size of your roof.

First, they’ll clean your roof, identifying any areas that need to be repaired. Next, they’ll fix any holes, tears, or open seams so that the coating will be as effective as possible. Then they’ll start in one corner and either spray or brush the coating on in small sections.

The weather conditions have to be just right as well. Applying a roof coating when the roof is too hot or too cold can affect its adhesive qualities. Sometimes a flat roof coating service will only work early in the morning if the peak temperatures that day are not favorable.

It can take up to 24 hours for the coating to dry and your flat roof coating company may recommend you stay off it for even longer depending on how much time it needs to set.

If you need flat roof coating in Palm Coast, contact Elo Roofing. Our professionals can help you determine which coating is best for your building. We provide free estimates, and our installation is thorough and professional.


What’s important to remember here is that costs will vary depending on the type of asphalt shingles you opt for, as well as the roofing contractor and the materials they use. However, you can work on a ballpark of anywhere between $3.50 and $5.50 per sq. ft. to reach a broad estimation.
The average asphalt roof shingles are expected to last around 20 years. Regular maintenance and prompt repairs could help in extending this lifespan.
This is a matter of personal preference together with what works well with the design of the home. Fortunately, asphalt roofing provides a wide variety of colors to choose from to meet those needs. It’s best to discuss your options and ideas with your local roofing service provider before making the decision (which you’ll have to live with for at least the next two decades!).
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Felicia PayneFelicia Payne
18:49 10 Jun 24
I had to take a long time to write this review because I was so disheartened by my experience. It was a frustrating and costly ordeal that fell FAR short of my expectations. I would strongly advise against using Elo Roofing for any roofing needs.My experience with Elo Roofing was deeply disappointing for several reasons. Despite our agreed-upon terms originally, I was shocked to discover an additional $3,000 charge on my bill. We were quoted ~$14,000 (which was fair with the other quotes we got!) but we ended up paying ~$17,000. Unfortunately, the problems didn’t end there.Poor Protection and Cleanliness- The workers failed to cover my pool during installation of the roof, leading to significant debris contamination, along with a brand new pool filter destroyed and not taken responsibility for.- Nails were literally flowing out of my gutters, there were piles of nails underneath them after every rain storm. Rolls of nails were left in our yard.- Almost a year later, we continue to find nails throughout our property. We constantly get flat tires and have to pick up nails off the ground. I'm afraid to walk in my yard with bare feet.Incompetent Workmanship:- The lack of expertise among the workers necessitated a COMPLETE roof redo.- Materials I had already paid for were carelessly discarded.- Our gutters are now crooked and pooling since they did our roof.- Our Lanai has a leakProlonged Construction and Mess:- Despite the small size of our roof, the construction dragged on for four grueling days of misery and our pets being scared because of all the banging on the roof.- Trash was left everywhere during those four days and remained afterward.Unprofessional Behavior:I was truly embarrassed to have these workers in my driveway all week long as a new homeowner and new to my neighborhood. This is not the impression I want to put out. They had the most stereotypical dilapidated van which I typically wouldn’t judge.-They tell you verbal statements that are actually just lies according to the paperwork.- Our salesmen, Sam and CJ, took us out to dinner afterward, but we later realized this was an attempt to placate us after a botched job.- They pestered us to put their sign back up in our yard after we removed it to mow our grass.Save yourself frustration, financial loss, loss of time, and potential hazards by choosing against ELO roofing. And the most important part, your peace of mind.Things to note: Sam and Cj are ridiculously nice to get you to choose them. We had three other quotes on our roof and we decided to go with Elo because we thought they were professional when it was actually quite the opposite. They are very welcoming to young naive new homeowners. They are dangerously nice and use it as a weapon to profit off of you. I wish my review could do more justice to how bad of an experience I had.
Stan HalterStan Halter
20:57 04 Jun 24
We are so happy we worked with Elo Roofing. Ryan came out and got us a quote quickly. The job took only a day and Nicole helped keep us updated as we had a little delayed start due to Rain. Overall the roof looks excellent and we are really happy with what they did.
liz tallaricoliz tallarico
13:41 22 May 24
When I called Elo Roofing, Gary Korb their representative came to my house. I knew nothing about replacing a roof.Gary was professional, patient with my many questions and above all,a great ambassador for his company.lI am happy with my new roof and how I was treated by the whole team at Elo Roofing.
Erika BaileyErika Bailey
13:39 24 Apr 24
There were some issues with the roof but they were all dealt with expeditiously and with fantastic customer service! Thank you ELO Roofing!
Amy GentryAmy Gentry
13:26 29 Feb 24
We were pleased doing business with Elo Roofing. From start to finish, they handled all aspects of removing and replacing our roof in a timely and professional manner.Our salespeople, Sam and CJ made themselves available to promptly answer our questions throughout the project - Sam even helped on his day off. The roofers worked efficiently and the new roof looks great. The clean-up was also excellent. Everyone we interacted with, including Nicole at the office, was dedicated to customer satisfaction. Thank you!Tim and Paula